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Henraajh Feeds India Pvt. Ltd. is the top feed company in Patna Bihar, providing the best premium quality broiler poultry feed. Our wholesome and nutritional feed is the most preferred meal in the Bihar poultry market. We offer the best poultry feed in Bihar that is well-balanced to fulfill the different requirements of different birds. Our feed is specially formulated to ensure your birds get the essential nutrients they need. Through an unwavering commitment towards quality, excellence, and strategic integration since On May 23, 2016. Our feed mills ensure timely delivery of high-quality feed in desired quantities.To ensure that only the best feed reaches our customers,

  • An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
  • Our rich experience of over one decades in the poultry feed industry
  • Strict Quality Control
  • Experienced R&D Team
Henraajh Feeds
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Henraajh Feeds Help Consumers/Farmers To Attain Best Yield And F.C.R. As Per Genetic Potential Of The Breeds Of Birds With Recommended Dose Of Feeding And Most Importantly By Following Standard Scientific Farm Management Practice.


Technology at Henraajh Feeds

  • Stringent Raw Material Testing
  • Silo-based Storage
  • Centralised Control
  • Automated Packaging

Research & Development at Henraajh Feeds

Research & Development has been an integral part of Henraajh Feeds growth story. In every step of our journey, we have innovated to overcome challenges.

At our state-of-the-art in-house nutrition lab, we research and analyze feed reports to ascertain the right nutritional content for our feed

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Why Our Poultry Feed Is The Best In Market

Henraajh Crumble And Pellet Feeds Produces Best F.C.R. And Ultimate ECONOMY With Its High Quality Maze, Soya D.O.C. And Other Important Ingredients Including Necessary Amino Acids, Micro-Ingredients In The Feeds.

Henraajh Pellet Feeds Contain Quality High Protein To Support Muscle Development And Weight Gain

Henraajh Feeds Are Added With Prebiotics And Probiotics That Support Digestion For Better Absorption Of Nutrients. Henraajh Feeds Have NO Added Antibiotics Or Hormones And NON GMO.

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